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Certified Green Finance Consultant (CGFC for short) is a professional certification program for practitioners engaged in green finance, which is jointly developed by Global Institute of Financial Professionals (also known as GIFP Institute) and Institute of Global Asset Allocation Specialists (also known as iGAAS Institute).

Learning Targets

Green finance is now a critical component of encouraging high-quality economic and social growth. It is relevant to both the sustainable development of the global future and the robust growth of an economy. Global surface temperatures are likely to rise under all scenarios by more than 1.5°C above pre- industrial levels by 2040 and by more than 2°C later in the century without dramatic and sustainable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. In order to tackle this challenge, every finance professional needs to develop a knowledge and understanding of green and sustainable finance. CGFC certification program will help individuals to develop their knowledge, understanding and ability to apply the key principles and core practice of green and sustainable finance. CGFC program covers a complete knowledge system related to green finance, introduces to candidates the basic concepts and development status related to ESG and green finance in detail, and expands on the three major themes of ESG investment, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon trading, and climate risk management discussion in detail, comprehensively cover all the important knowledge and theories of sustainable investment and green finance, and put forward strict requirements of the professional ethics and code of conduct for practitioners.

Exam Overview

Those who have obtained required credits after recognized training can apply for the exam and can apply for the certificate upon passing the exam and meeting any of the following requirements.