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Accredited Financial Manager (known as AFM) is a professional certification program developed and initiated by institute of Global Asset Allocation Specialists (known as iGAAS Institute) for candidates engaged in wealth management.

AFM certification program aims to support candidates to provide professional wealth management services by understanding different types of customers’ needs in wealth management and asset allocation.

AFM certification program prepares candidates with professional knowledge in wealth management planning, asset allocation and investment risk management, together with the use of various wealth management tools and understanding of relevant laws and regulations.

Learning Targets

AFM Certification syllabus is divided into four parts, including Part 1 Foundation, Part 2 Personal & Family Financial Planning, Part 3 Corporate Finance, and Part 4 Private Wealth Management. Part 3 and Part 4 are for extension learning and not tested in AFM exams.
Part 1 Foundation: Introduction of Financial Planning (5%), Economics (18%), Finance (17%), Basics of Financial Management (15%), Basics of Quantitative Methods (15%), Basics of Taxation (15%), and Basics of Civil Law (15%)

Part 2 Personal & Family Financial Planning: Planning of Housing Consumption (10%), Planning of Children's Education (10%), Planning of Retirement & Pension (10%), Planning of Insurance (15%), Planning of Investment (15%), Planning of Taxation (10%), Planning of Wealth Management & Inheritance (10%), Management of Personal Health (10%), and Planning of Insurance Trust (10%)

Exam Overview