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The Institute of Global Asset Allocation Specialists (iGAAS) is the professional body for financial planning and asset allocation practitioners.

Dedicated to professionalism, iGAAS endeavors to champion lifelong learning and integrity, and to raise individual standards of knowledge, competence, and behavior to enhance public trust and confidence in financial planning and asset allocation services.


Create value for financial planning and asset allocation practitioners to advance ethics, market integrity, and professional standards of practice, which collectively contribute value to the clients, industrial and society.


Establish financial planning and asset allocation as a global profession. Lead the practitioner to be integrity, and excellence of practice in the areas of ethics, financial planning and asset allocation.


iGAAS Institute believes professionalism is the convergence of four domains, which builds the BEST Criteria including Behavior, Education,Sustainability and Testing.


Upholding the highest standards of integrity by abiding by a Code of ethics & Standards of Practice.


Improving the professional ability by obtaining credits through recognized systematic and professional study.


Continuing education program (CEP) and ongoing learning which enable to maintain competence.


Gaining the initial competence to achieve the job through professional qualifications developed by professionals.